Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What are Window Treatments?

A window treatment cаn be more than just a window covering. When you treat windows it’s design element for the window and not just a mere covering. The treated windows will filter light, insulate from cold or heat and they can be a very functional addition to your windows. A treated window is also used for the privacy of the people living in the home.

Understanding Treated Windows
A treated window will be more decorative than a regular window and it’s a term used to describe many types of windows. You may have curtains, sheers, cornices, drapes, shutters, valances or blinds for your window. These are standard window treatments and they can be part of the design for the window. You can also change these over time to meet your needs and preferences. You can also have more than one treatment as a part of the overall design of your windows. They can be functional as well as aesthetic.

Some treatments are used to filter light at certain times of day for example or you may add a valance for some color or for softer lines. Your window treatment may have fancy drapes and so on. The type of window treatment you have is all going to depend upon your needs in the home. You may go with other treatments instead of the traditional drapes. Many people use frosted glass as a treatment for privacy issues. You may have this is a bathroom for privacy. Other treatments could include plastic blinds or shades which you cаn open and close to let in light whenever you need it.

It Depends Upon What You WantWhen you go for treatments for your windows it’s all going to depend upon what your need is. You want something that’s going to be attractive looking in a room but at the same time you want a window treatment that’s going to be functional and easy to maintain in your home. You will want to coordinate the window treatment with the décor in your room. A nice treatment can be the highlight of a room and make the room come alive. You don’t have to match colors exactly in the room and a bit of extra color can add some good contrast in the room.There are even window treatments that act as solar panels and can generate electricity or heat for your home!

If you have trouble deciding what types of window treatments to get you cаn always ask an interior designer to help you figure out the best treatments for your room. The window treatment is designed to add functionality to the window as well as look great so ask if you need help deciding what to get. Interior decorators have the experience you need to show you exactly what will look great for your windows. The best thing about window treatment sis that they cаn be changed over  time to meet your requirements you don’t have to go on any set window treatment you cаn can try new styles and colors whenever you wish. Try a few and see which ones you like.

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